Thursday, November 20, 2014


I did a lot and 2 sets of stomach crunches both legs/arms.....probably because I know I will not be doing anything during Thanksgiving holiday week and just spending time with my family.

The warrior......

The airplane - I love all the variations with the airplane pose:

Another stretchie fav of mine:

Winding down pose:

And a post-workout selfie...messy hair - a piece of lint on hair, no make-up kinda selfie. Keeping it real. Don't let the smile fool you, I'm always dead tired afterwards and eat A LOT of food after these sessions.

Later, will be back in December.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Choose it....stick it

This one below is a slight variation of this pose:

And I always love the dancer pose, in opposition to THIS pose, I don't alternate my arm and leg hold - I hold the same leg with the same side arm, which makes it a whole lot easier:

Time and time again, I would have to choose the dancer pose as an ultimate favorite, it really works every single muscle in your body. I try to switch the balancing leg from time to time, as my left leg is not as strong so I need to stand on the left leg more often.

And small, little things that I do to strengthen arms and legs, I place both feet on the wall and stretch:

This is also a pre-cursor of multiple steps before an inversion can take place - practicing against a wall.

Monday, November 17, 2014's definitely a Monday

So I've been very emotional lately....more so than usual....actually, more so than ever, I'm a mess.....I wonder if people I know and have seen lately think I've lost it (people whom I've never shown emotion in front of before) and think I am going through some mid-life crisis.....Most of the emotions..... I know why....stress, understandably.  Who doesn't have stress in their lives? Some of it, I have no idea....unstable hormones perhaps, the epic force of human nature as a woman's body ages.....the ideation of everything we strive for and try so hard to hold everything together - our health, our family, our friends...our everyday life.  Where am I going with this? I don't know.  I just needed to rant.  I need chocolate right - can't do that....I'm yoga-ing.

I did some variations of the pigeon pose.   I like this pose.  Not easy, but not difficult, it's a lot of stretching:

Another one, other leg:

I've done a side plank before but this one, I bent one knee, super difficult.  It was a great test of balance for me. I was going to place one arm behind my back too, but decided not to:

Love the plank, it's of my favs and really - I believe, will help strengthen my arms, which is the weakest part of my arms....arggghhhh!!  That's it for today...a little venting and yoga. Time for some food.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


.....too lazy this morning to get into my workout clothes, so I winged it with my day attire, crazy.

And here is a variation of a lizard pose:

And my last one for the morning, a version of the Marichyasana 1:

I still strive for perfection and balance, but I think I will ease my mind off of that for now and just try not to be so harsh with myself when it comes to form - but enjoy, much more........the overall feeling of good - and relaxation that it gives my body when I am finished.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oh, I've missed you.....

Yoga, where have you been? I missed you sooooo much.  I've been having a little conversation with 'stress' lately and I've told 'stress' that it has nothing over me......n.o.t.h.i.n.g....nuh....thing....nope, I'm gonna kick it and conquer....I'm tired of stress conquering more....

I started off easy with some stretching this morning since I've been away from yoga for more than a week. Then I practiced the downward dog with a further extension on my leg and held it:

Next up, a squat, twist and turn upwards:

Om with me....hands and arms positioned behind the back, don't think I'm very well balanced on this, so I'll work on it:

One day, I will do an's on my bucket list, before I'm 50. So I've got 5 years...I better get practicing. Move it, move it, move it! ;)