Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finding that 'happy'...and never letting it go...

There's something about post holidays - the giddiness, the excitement, the family time....it's done, it was fun... and now it seems miles away.......then there is the rain and cold weather, January...... did I mention the cold weather?  Ugh....it all makes me cringe.  I WANT my spring time and summer time pretty much NOW! Cold weather despises my body and vice versa.  We are not a good fit together.

But the ability to get off my butt and dedicate a whole round of yoga just for ME, and all that negativity just dissipates! There's something pretty magical about it.

But we all know that exercise has long been a regimen for feeling good....it's more than just that....it's different.  It's taking charge and doing something for me, when I want to do it, and finding that 'happy' - the exact title of this post.

I haven't done the cobra pose in a while and as simple as this pose is, it's a great stretcher.

I didn't do anything brand new today, but I think I went safely with my favorites today and fine tuning this pose below, the plow pose:

Before, I could not even touch and clasp my hands together behind my back, but I can now and my back posture is much better.  Hip, hip, hooray for ongoing practice! It's really amazing with each step, the flexibility gets a little better.

And, as if I could resist the dancer pose in any way, whatsoever, not really:

That's it for today. I hope everyone out there can find a little bit of that 'happy' during these long, cold winter months ahead.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Set yourself free.....

It's been a couple of gorgeous, gorgeous days here in Southern Calif. and I've been taking advantage of the outdoors before it gets cold again. Let's see.... Christmas presents wrapped. Check. All my cards sent out. Check. Hope I didn't forget anyone. I'm sure I did though, ugh. Baking....soon. Time with family...tomorrow.....

So I headed out to the park for some down time today.

It was so serene and quiet.  There were only a handful of other folks walking and golfing.  The tranquility I had, was unmatched!! And this was the kind of peacefulness that I indulge myself in.

Did my usual 4-6 mile walk.  Didn't really time it today but I know my course and how long it takes.  Then some yoga poses. Simply the most perfect day outside.  Couldn't have asked for a better workout.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Working out the kinks

Awww....holiday stress.  Had a little bit of time this morning for some stretching:

The Warrior pose is always, super invigorating to me. It works every single muscle.  I also did more shoulder stand variations, the one below is very similar to my previous post, except I extended one leg backwards towards the mat:

That's a wrap for today. Hope I can practice some more during the holiday break, if I have some free time.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Getting back into the swing of things after taking 2 weeks off from yoga.  I'm so glad I packed in some time super, early this morning before another busy day.  Not going to spend too much time writing and jotting down all the poses.  I really am in a rush at this point. Did tons of stretching both lying and sitting positions.

I've done a variation of the above pose before except this time I did a full extension of my left leg.

Another variation of the side plank - kind of combining a dancer mentality and stretching further out with my arms:

Stretching my legs on the wall - I do this a lot. Use the wall to improve my flexibility:

Sitting positions:

I look kind of like a cupcake with a head sticking out of this one, easily amusing, felt great on the muscles though:

And last pose, lying on my back - stretching my right leg:

Done for the day. Feel awesome, energized. Ready to roll on with the rest of my Friday.