Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 30 - Final Day of Yoga Camp

Today was great!! There were no words in her video....just a really nicely choreographed 40 minute, non-stop session. It was more of our own guided series, and if you've finished the last 29 days of her camp, then today was pretty much incorporating every single pose into the flows.

What I really did learn the most out of yoga camp was proper breathing techniques.  I will use that to guide me through longer workouts so that I don't tire as easily.

I will continue with another video series of hers and will also add in an Instagram challenge again for February! Yay!!  I'm back on IG!

AW....January, you were good to me....I feel very strong!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 29 and 30.

Whooo....I LOVE... Yoga Camp - Day 29. Ofcourse, she saves the good stuff for the few last days. Camel pose...aww. That one felt good. Triangle and Reversed Triangle pose is always a good balancing stretch. One more day.....AND I have no idea what crazy challenge I will be doing for the month of February. But no matter what I decide, I will still be doing yoga daily.

And it is the last and final day of the Abs Challenge - I made it... with some minor wincing and out of breath moments, but I made it - I completed all 30 days...

Blogilates - Final Day - Day 30.

22 reverse crunch.
22 roll ups.
22 ankle reaches.
22 criss cross.
22 leg lifts.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 28 and 29.

We're almost done! Whooo, I can not believe how fast this month has zoomed by. I'm amazed at how each year goes faster and faster. It's kind of sad, really. I just want things to slow down.

I CELEBRATE was todays mantra for Yoga Camp - Day 28.

A lot more of the usual vinyasa and worked the glutes - more pigeon poses variation as well! Seated wide straddle poses always releases so much tension in my legs and great work for the hips too.

Blogilates - Day 29.

21 leg lifts - had a super difficult time with this one. Had to separate into increments of 6.
21 criss cross.
21 ankle reaches.
21 reverse crunch.
21 roll ups.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 27 and 28.

GRATITUDE - Yoga Camp - Day 27. What are you thankful for? Soooooo many things. I started to have gratitude way too late in my life and hardly appreciated the small and simple things in my life until it was almost too late. That has all changed. I have immense gratitude for so many things now. Life has taught me so much....

Blogilates - Day 28.  Nearing the end here....I feel stronger, I feel more energetic....I sometimes have way too much energy than I know what to do with it.

20 leg lifts
20 reverse crunch.
20 ankle reaches.
20 pull ups.
20 criss cross.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 26 and 27.

I ATTRACT - Yoga Camp - Day 26.

Tons of floor work today! A longer session. 40 minutes. Low plank, high plank, sphinx, so many variations and loved that Dancer pose, Natarajasana was introduced...whooo! I love Natarajasana. My faves. We did balancing on both legs.

Had to separate my challenges into two different times during today. Wasn't able to do it all in one sitting, too many things going on.  And I got super sidetracked by some art work and decided to watercolor a bit. Dabbled in creating for my crafty blog and ran out of time, But still managed to insert my abs challenge this evening.

Blogilates - Day 27.

19 leg lifts.
19 criss cross.
19 reverse crunch.
19 roll ups.
19 ankle reaches.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 25 and 26.

Today was a power packed 28-minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised at how fast paced it was.  I sweated. I strongly needed a shower after today. It was indeed probably the most powerful in flows.

I AM STRONG. - Yoga Camp - Day 25.  I can't believe the month is almost over already.  It's been a great, soothing month.

In addition to sticking to it every day, I've learned how to breathe so much better.

Blogilates - Day 26.

18 criss cross.
18 leg lifts.
18 pull ups.
18 ankle reaches.
18 reverse crunch.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 24 and 25.

I am in control.  I like that mantra....for Yoga Camp - Day 24. Today was a bit of almost every stretch, core, every vinyasa we've done previously but with a few twists and turns and the pace is a bit faster too.  I did something different as I didn't have any time in the morning which is when I'm usually doing yoga.  I didn't start my session until 7:15 p.m. tonight which is super late for me....

....and surprisingly, I seemed to have more energy than doing this in the morning! Really odd as I am a total morning person and easily tire by about 7 p.m. in general.  I had that additional amount of energy to belt out my abs challenge with more ease than yesterday.

Blogilates - Day 25.

17 roll ups.
17 reverse planks. (now this is the most difficult in the rotation).
17 ankle reaches.
17 criss cross.
17 leg lifts.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 23 and 24.

Yoga Camp - I am secure - Day 23.

Today was a smooth and nice rhythmic flow. I don't recall any new elements in todays session.

Blogilates - Day 24.

It gets harder to do these reps in one full sweep and I'm having to divide up my number of rests in-between.  I almost felt like just giving up today on the abs challenge because it really is hard up to this point....when something is difficult, I accept it, I won't deny it at all......but as with all things, I've never given up on anything in my life. I can do this.  I WILL finish for the next 6 days.

16 roll ups.
16 reverse crunches.
16 ankle reaches.
16 leg lifts.
16 criss cross.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 22 and 23.

Push-ups, push-ups! She made us do push-ups today which I don't do hardly enough of.  From Plank, to 4 limbed staff, hold, then push-ups! Yoga Camp - Day 22 - I surround myself was a really quick 17-minute vinyasa flow but even though it was quick - it was fast paced - so I was feeling the heat a bit.  Rolled right out of bed and started.  Don't normally do that at all....I usually need a little bit of food in me first for some strength - made it much harder on a totally empty stomach!

I love the mantra for today - so many thoughts.

I surround myself with......

  1. Positive thinking.
  2. People who lift me up. 
  3. People who make me happy. 
  4. People who support me and understand me.  
  5. People who accept me just as I am.
  6. Love.
  7. Family.
  8. Gratitude.
  9. Hope (this comes into play in my life a lot).
  10. Trying something new, always.
  11. Having fun.
  12. Acceptance.
  13. Goals.
  14. Contentment? - Oh, this is a hard one....I'm still working on this one.  I guess it could go hand in hand with Acceptance.
Anyway, the list is definitely longer, just a few thoughts here.

Blogilates - Day 23.

I felt MUCH struggle with Day 23.  It was very hard to do 15 reps each.  But I hung on and just plowed through it.  Once again, I think trying to get all of this physical activity done right upon awakening wasn't doing me a favor.  It hampered my efforts.  But I still finished breathing pretty hard and needed lots of breaths in-between.

15 roll ups.
15 ankle reaches.
15 reverse crunch.
15 criss cross.
15 leg lifts.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 21 and 22.

Oh, I really felt it today with the abs workout....major burn in my stomach...note I didn't say 'burn in my 'abs'' because I don't have abs at all...ha!! It could take years to develop abs.  But headed in the right direction. Onwards to:

Blogilates - Day 22.

14 roll ups.
14 reverse crunches.
14 leg lifts.
14 ankle reaches.
14 criss cross.

Yoga Camp - I BELIEVE - Day 21.

Some awesome core work and hip opening moves.  Worked a little variation on Salabhasana or Full Locust pose. Practiced lots of Eagle Arms. Half Lotus on both legs.  The usual downward dog, plank, lunge, cobra, warrior, mountain, forward folds.  And ending on most days, with a variation of Savasana. She lets us vary it up to our liking.

I'm ready for the weekend and some relaxing.  Mentally thinking when I will insert my yoga into the weekend.  Always a tough time management one - but somehow, I fit it in.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 20 and 21.

Yoga Camp - I am WORTHY - Day 20.

I did something new today, something I don't normally practice - Pranayama - alternate nostril breathing.  Learning to inhale through one nostril - holding - cover other nostril - and exhale - continue and alternate on each side.  A lot of floor work on all fours and savasana with variations on twists and turns.  I actually ran out of time and did not finish eight minutes on the video.  I had to run out the door so I will - or maybe re-do the entire session tomorrow with tomorrow's video as well.

Ugh, I hate not being able to finish an entire session.  My time management this morning was way off.  I will be better tomorrow.

Blogilates - Day 21.

13 Pull ups.
13 ankle reaches.
13 criss cross.
13 reverse crunches.
13 leg lifts.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 19 and 20.

Changed it up a bit and am doing the ab workout first and then switching over to the yoga flow.  I seem to have way more energy and rhythm than starting the yoga camp first.

Blogilates - Day 20.

12 reverse crunch.
12 roll ups.
12 criss cross.
12 leg lifts.
12 ankle reaches.

Yoga Camp - I RESPECT - Day 19.

Today was intense, I liked it. Worked every muscle in the body. I sweated, so that's good.  I don't sweat with every session, depending on the intensity of it and how many minutes the session is. Can't believe how fast the month is going by.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 18 and 19.

Kicking it up a notch and really feeling the burn as we moved from 10 reps each to 11 for the abs challenge. It will increase by +1 each day, for the remainder of the month.

Blogilates - Day 19.

11 ankle reaches.
11 leg lifts.
11 criss cross.
11 roll ups.
11 reverse crunches.

I might feel like I'm getting stronger but it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to get tired in-between each rep. Phew!

Yoga Camp - I SURRENDER - Day 18.

I love writing down my thoughts right after my session if I can, it doesn't always happen though. But when it does,  it's totally fresh in my mind what I did, how I felt, and what did I learn from todays poses and the flows.  Hamstrings and the spine was really worked today.  Wide angle forward folds, side angle forward folds, triangle folds, and seated forward folds always give my back an extra push.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 17 and 18.

I've got a lot to do today so woke up super early this morning - school holiday and I would have loved to sleep in. Oh, the urge to do so was sooo great - but I told myself to just get out of bed and move through my flow.  Cranking it out and getting it done.

I'm finding I sleep so much less as I get older, but I still seem to be quite productive, regardless.

Yoga Camp - I am focused - Day 17.

Today we focused on a lot of breathing sequences, maintaining breathing during a flow while keeping a firm stance on one pose.  Great morning routine, so refreshing.

Blogilates - Day 18.

10 criss cross.
10 leg lifts.
10 roll ups.
10 ankle reaches.
10 reverse crunches.

Completed. And I'm out of here.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 16 and 17.

Today was exactly what I needed - a super quick 15 minutes of deep stretching. Yoga Camp - I enjoy - Day 16.  I love what Adriene had to say about this mantra - 'I enjoy'.  I will enjoy all the challenges that will come my way.  I will enjoy any difficulties that will come my way. Instead of just saying that I will enjoy only the good and positive things in my life.....I must learn to 'enjoy' basically 'whatever' may come my way.

It's a deeper dimension of thinking. I see it as more of a - how do I react to anything that will come my way? It's how I react that will determine the outcome. How do I stay calm? How do I use my own coping skills to its fullest? It's pretty thought provoking, actually.

I'm excited for the remainder of the month...things are going to heat up with the practice.

Blogilates - Day 17.

10 leg lifts.
10 roll ups.
10 reverse crunches.
10 ankle reaches.
9 criss cross.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 15 and 16.

The last 18 hours have been strange. Note to myself here. Have never had a sore left groin before. First time...non yoga related...too much exertion on that left leg...I think I know what caused it..thankfully, one nights rest and I was better by mid morning. The soreness went away quickly and I was back to myself again.  Good enough to pump out Day 15. Whoooo.....

Yoga Camp - I am open - Day 15.

Lots of groundwork today. Included more Trikonasana poses, forward bends, planks, bridge poses, and the always difficult half moon pose. Both sides.

Blogilates - Day 16.

8 criss cross.
10 ankle reaches.
10 leg lifts.
10 roll ups.
10 reverse crunches

Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 14 and 15.

Yoga Camp - Go with the Flow - Day 14.

Today was all flow, yay! Very little rest in-between. Worked a lot with planks, forward bends - seated and standing, lunges, downward dogs, extended side angle pose, mountain pose, warrior poses, chaturanga, cobras, childs pose. All areas were worked.

Some of my friends have asked me why I'm doing a gentler form of camp. And  the answer is: It really doesn't matter what level you are or whether you are performing beginner, intermediate, or advanced's the whole process....learning to breathe more and better.

Just taking some time to myself this entire month, a less strenuous approach to my practice.  Taking it easy, backing away a bit from Social Media....backing away from all the busy, busy of the holidays....tending more to myself and spending more time with my family.  Attending to things and people that I missed out on last year....It's a nice approach!

I'm taking about 10-15 second rests in-between every two reps of 10 for the abs challenge.  I find it a little easier to keep up the momentum.  And drinking more water.

Blogilates - Day 15.

7 criss cross.
10 roll ups.
10 ankle reaches.
10 leg lifts.
10 reverse crunches.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 13 and 14.

Today was very restorative.

Yoga Camp - I DESERVE. - Day 13.

All restorative and so relaxing - mostly everything done was floor work with some seated twists.

Blogilates - Day 14.

6 criss cross.
10 rollups.
10 ankle reaches.
10 reverse crunches.
10 leg lifts.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 12 and 13.

Yoga Camp - I trust - Day 12.

I was really pleasantly surprised that todays short, 20 minute session made me feel pretty good. It was intense, a lot of strong leg balancing from Warrior 1, to Humble Warrior, to Warrior 2.  Finished off with a nice Crow/Bakasana at the very end.

Blogilates - Day 13.

Today introduced the 5th element in the abs series - the criss cross - ahhhh!! Crazy hard! And I was breathing pretty hard too. So which element is most difficult for me? Still the double leg lifts and Reverse Crunches will be a killer as the quantity is upped.

10 leg lifts.
10 ankle reaches.
10 roll ups.
10 reverse crunches.
5 criss cross.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 11 and 12.

I gets me every time this mantra comes up and it's todays thought.  I spend a lot of time thinking about this one. I release what?  I release all that ails me, I release tension? I release those who do harm to me.  I release toxic thoughts. I release those who have brought me down.  I release anything negative.....for a lot of the above statements, I want to insert the word, 'try'.  I 'try' to release - it's not often an easy task.

But it's an invigorating feeling, to meditate and 'try' to RELEASE whatever it is that is bothering you. To be still and be happy.  I am happy!!

Last night, I was slightly upset about something that was 'crafty' related and told my husband.  He understands me. He said, "Maybe there's some yoga convention that you can go to and just let it all out!" :))) Yea.  That's it. And you know what, I took that problem that was bothering me and incorporated it into this mornings practice.  I release.....I will try to release that negative thought that I had the night before.

And through my practice, I kept saying it over and over and by the time the session ended, I truly felt better.  I had no reason to be sad over it. It was such a little, minute thing. It was something that I never should have bothered getting upset over.

Yoga Camp - I release - Day 11.

We used a prop today.  Lots of core work, which I love, balancing with boat pose and twisting with the arms from side to side while holding a prop. Some hip opening goodness including Cow face pose/Gomukhasana. Adriene incorporates tons of lunges, planks, cobras, downward dogs, and deep side angle stretches with each day, in addition to a few new poses towards the end of the video. Great workout today.

All double digits going into the flat abs challenge, things are heating up -

Blogilates - Day 12.

10 roll ups.
10 leg lifts.
10 reverse crunches.
10 ankle reaches.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 10 and 11.

'I am present' is the mantra for Day 10 of Yoga Camp.  I had something fun happen - well, it's a memory now, but still, little events.....little memories....they are important. All of our memories combined make us who we are, right?

So, this girl was taking my blood pressure one day, and she said to me, "Wow, you are so must not have any kids." LOL.....I laughed really loud but inside of me for I didn't want her to hear, lol! Little did she know that it was quite the compliment....... For awhile, since I started yoga, I've never been able to fully meditate, be in the state of just BEING.  Being able to focus only on the present and clear my mind of all outside's a really hard task to master, I still haven't mastered it yet....but I do feel I've progressed...I do feel that I've been able to meditate more intrinsically...and todays mantra was perfect....

I AM PRESENT....and yes, in some ways, I can remain calm in most situations. It's not always easy. We all have so many emotions - ofcourse, we are human. We get sad, mad, excited, but those emotions are broad.  How many times can we say we are completely and utterly calm no matter difficult....I still struggle with it but like I said, I feel I've improved.

Todays camp video made us work on more triangle poses, lunges, downward dogs, and pigeon poses. Pigeon poses I love, so relaxing! Towards the end, a nice bridge pose. Breathing techniques is a basic focus each day.

Blogilates - Day 11.

I did something different today. I started my moves with the leg lifts first. I seemed to have overall more stamina. But doing the leg lifts last made me too tired.

10 leg lifts
10 roll ups
10 ankle reaches
9 reverse crunches

I'm so excited tomorrow for yoga camp as it will be a much longer session - 45 minutes...whohoooo!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 9 and 10.

Blogilates - Day 10.

The abs challenge is getting to the point where I can not continuously do all four moves in one shot. I can do two of them at first, then I need to catch my breath for about 1 minute then I can continue with the last two moves, which makes it a bit easier....It IS a tough one! And 1 minute does seem like a long time.

8 reverse crunches
10 roll ups
10 leg lifts
10 ankle reaches

Yoga Camp 2016 - I am Bold - Day 9.

Lots of leg work today with warrior and extended angle. Really picked up the pace a bit between downward dog and lunges and pressing up into warrior. Twisting legs side to side during savasana is always nice! Child's pose and happy baby pose towards the end.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 8 and 9.

Yoga Camp 2016 - I choose - Day 8.

Most of todays work was on the floor with variations of lying down, head on pillow, side bends, seated twists, incorporated lots of butterfly/bound angle pose - which was one I really need to work on. Head to knee, chin to knee.....very relaxing 30 minutes.

Blogilates - Day 9.

7 reverse crunches
10 roll ups
10 ankle reaches
10 leg lifts

Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 7 and 8.

Yoga Camp 2016 - I am Capable - Day 7.

Today was concentrating on leg work and tree pose balancing.....straddle to forward bend and combinations of warrior and extended side angles.  A much quicker flow today.  I think it was one of the shorter sessions so far.

Blogilates - Day 8.

6 Reverse Crunches
10 roll ups.
10 leg lifts.
10 ankle reaches

It's the weekend which means I'll be doing both Saturday and Sunday sessions a little later in the afternoon instead of mornings.  Just don't have that time on the weekends as much as I would like to. Thoroughly enjoying this milder pace for January with the yoga camp.  Exactly what I wanted was something light and fun to start out the new year.....maybe I'll kick it up a notch for February challenges.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 6 and 7.

Yoga Camp 2016 - I am supported - Six Pack Abs - Day 6.

Love that core work and abs work was the sole routine in todays 30-min. session.  Corresponds so well with my abs challenge and integrated some new twists and turns that really helped work the stomach area.

Also worked on holding boat poses - which is totally my nemesis so I really appreciated that!!

Blogilates - Day 7.

5 reverse crunches
10 roll ups
10 ankle reaches
10 leg lifts was a good stomach churner. Felt so good!! Off to eat, then run, fight traffic...good stuff.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 5 and 6.

It's so chilly this week and I yearn for the warmth of summer and I know it's a ways off.  Today's mantra for yoga camp was perfectly what I needed to get me in the mood and to get started, moving my bones and joints - despite the weather.

Yoga Camp 2016 - I am Alive - Day 5.

Loved starting off the day with a side straddle and side stretches and forward folds.  Great work up into more downward dog variations and crescent lunges.

Blogilates - Day 6

And it continues with:

10 roll ups
10 ankle reaches
10 leg lifts

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 4 and 5.

Today, I may have eaten a whole pizza for lunch. 8 pieces. Thin crust. Large. Oh my goodness, I was so hungry after yoga....It's ok.

I love to eat. But I love vegetables too.....I eat tons of veggies and I eat tons of fruit.... every now and then though, I eat a whole pizza.  I hold myself accountable and still move around and get active. And I think that's important for myself to remember.  The never ending ideal of wanting to eat right. And the need to spoil yourself when you want as well. It's an intricate balance.

Yoga Camp 2016. - I awaken - Day 4

I was so glad that things are picking up a little faster with the camp videos. The pace is a bit more and incorporated today some downward dog to lunge transitions to warrior flow poses.  I always love any warrior pose combo!

And the abs challenge keeps getting more and more grueling.  But sticking to it....I challenged myself with it and will keep the commitment.

Blogilates - Day 5

9 roll ups
9 ankle reaches
9 Leg Lifts

Looking forward to incorporating the criss cross legs and reverse crunches!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 3 and 4.

Yoga Camp 2016 - I embrace - Day 3

Today was a little more variation work on downward dog into plank variation and a bit of core which I always love.

The session was a little slow for me and I had some extra energy and time on my hands so I did an additional 45-minute Power Yoga session - another one of Adriene's videos.  This was an intense, non-stop yoga flow.  I don't recommend it if you are a true, true beginner. If you are a beginner, stick with her easy flowing Yoga Camp.  It's really nice and a great slow transition into the New Year.  But here is the super dynamic flow that I did right after yoga camp:

It's a killer workout.  My total sweat time was 90 minutes today.

Finished off with the Abs Challenge -

Blogilates - Day 4

8 roll ups
8 ankle reaches
8 leg lifts

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 2 and 3 - Yoga/Boot Camp and a Flat Abs Challenge

Yoga Camp 2016 - Day 2

Super excited this morning to see my yoga camp video for Day 2 in my 'inbox' when I woke up, got my session done earlier than expected before 11 am. It was a little longer than I thought it would be but I still managed to finish before heading out. Easy, relaxing, yet invigorating all in one.

Blogilates - Day 3

Increased the number of reps for each:

7 roll ups.
7 ankle reaches.
7 leg lifts.

I've come to the conclusion that the Double Leg Lifts have been the hardest thus far in the rotation. Although the Reverse Crunches won't come into play until later this week, so we'll see which one I find harder.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 1 and 2 - Yoga Boot Camp and a Flat Abs Challenge

Yoga Camp 2016 -

Seems like yesterday was actually an Orientation and today is Day 1.  So I sort of meshed this day in as 1...again, if that makes any sense. The actual yoga day will not match with the dates now, but that's fine. At least I got in a workout today.

Blogilates Day 2 -

No joke....seriously, looks easy enough until you try it.  Only day 2, and my stomach is burning, I can feel it on fire.

6 roll ups
6 ankle reaches
6 leg lifts

Something fun I did today too, we go here a lot - SKY ZONE - super cool place for additional workouts.  They have trampolines, cage ball, dodge ball, basketball, arcade, volleyball, pit jumps, etc. I love the cardio and core workout that I get with the trampoline jumps and cage ball. It rocks!

If you have kids, you should go here and jump like crazy with your's totally awesome....some of my best workouts have been at this place.....

Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1 - Yoga/Boot Camp and a Flat Abs Challenge

Whoooo! This morning had to be one of THE hardest mornings to wake up millions of other people, the past two weeks have been non-stop holiday festivities with family and friendship time, food, food, food, busy schedules, and SO VERY LITTLE time for yoga or any other form of exercise.

I finally made a decision to do something a bit different for the month of January.  Instead of an Instagram challenge where you pose a picture each day, I've decided this month I am doing a 30-Day Yoga/Boot Camp by Adriene Mishler - it's a sequel to the 30 Days of Yoga from last year.  You can find the info here if you are interested or want to get some other folks inspired -

And....also I'm doing the Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge:

This ABS challenge is not brand new - it's from last year, but doesn't matter. It's one I want to work on.

Do you see Day 30? 22 each of the 5 poses above...... lol.....I hope I'm still alive on that day....

I'm sooooooo excited! This may mean less posting of photos on Instagram and more of this is all just for me...... I will definitely pop in on IG to see all the wonderful inspiration and for some stop, drop yogas but other than that.....the sole purpose of January will be an intensity just for me to concentrate on.

Day 1 has already been completed! Yay!

Yoga Camp 2016
Day 1 - I accept.

Day 1-
5 roll ups
5 ankle reaches
5 leg lifts