Friday, March 24, 2017

Gratitude and other ramblings

What a beautiful spring day!!! It's finally here! I'm soooo happy that the sun is shining!  And I'm most grateful - that word - 'gratitude' needs to come by more often in my vocabulary!

I've been receiving a lot of sweet little messages - all forms of communication from private messages to emails to texts asking me where I am - I seem to be missing from the yoga challenges on IG.  How and what did I do to deserve such kindness....I will never know.

I'm thoroughly humble that the yoga community that I stumbled upon is TRULY one of the most gracious and kindest communities - so much so like the crafting community that I love very much! You really won't find a more compassionate and caring group than yoga lovers!

But I am still here......

Just taking a little break from all of the challenges and doing my own own practice still consists of anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.  I try to complete daily....some days are harder than others....maybe somedays I skip because I just can't get in the time....

Still working on building core strength and arm strength.

I had a moment of 'realization' back in 2015 - I had lost too much weight. I could tell the way my clothes fit - it just didn't feel right....even my siblings were telling me, "Tif, you look TOO thin."  And they were right.  I was exercising too much and not eating quite enough.

But I'm happy to say it's 2017 and I've regained the weight that I lost....I've been trying to remember the delicate balance between exercising and nourishing my body with food, instead of just running, and running, all day long on exercise and not remembering to eat.

I still have a goal of gaining at least 8 more pounds and then I think I will be at the full weight I want to be at - mind you - that's muscle mass and toning that I want when I say 'gaining' weight.

That's it for now....