Monday, July 3, 2017

Total Body Workout

Day 3 -

This morning was rough. I didn't want to get out of bed. It's just too comfortable to lay underneath the comforter on these lazy holiday mornings! Who doesn't just want to sleep in at these times? I looked at my clock at 7. I said, 'No, not yet'.  So I switched to my phone and set the alarm for 8:45. That was my max, I made it a point that I have to get up at 8:45 to start Day 3.

We had a choice between the Empower Series - Phase 1 - Heart, or its equivalent - Yoga for Weight Loss - Balancing Practice - I went for the latter which was a whopping 58 minutes. Man, it was intense:

Before that I stayed true to my weights...still playing around with combinations that feels right for me....For now, I've found a good balance for the arms consisting of 1 set - 100 reps.

Legs stay the same for now at 1 set - 20 reps.

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